As a SmartBoard with smartcard reader, it is the ideal input device for all applications requiring high levels of security. Equipped with a class-2 reader, the G83-6644 is ideal for authentication, PKI and single sign-on.

SmartBoard G83-6644

USB keyboard with smart card terminal

Color variant: light grey black
Data sheet:
  • USB 2.0
  • Secure PIN entry
  • PC/SC smartcard reader
  • CT-Api support
  • Protocols: T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10
  • CCID compatible
  • Reading/writing ISO 7816 compliant smartcards
  • EMV 2000 Level 1 approved
  • TAA compliant
  • FIPS 201 certified


Layout (country or language):

Product dependant, see table "Models"

Housing colour:

Product dependant, see table "Models"

Key colour:

Product dependant, see table "Models"

Weight (product):

approx. 680 g

Total weight (with packaging):

approx. 840 g

Cable Length:

  • approx. 1.80 m

Storage Temperature:

  • -20°C to 60°C

Operating Temperature:

  • 0°C to 50°C

Current Consumption:

  • max. 100 mA


  • 2 years


  • USB

Product approvals:

c-tick c-tick
FIPS 201 FIPS 201

System requirements:

  • USB connection

Dimensions (product):

  • approx. 458 x 170 x 52 mm

Packaging dimensions:

  • approx. 495 x 200 x 55 mm


  • Service life, standard key: > 10 million key operations
  • Operation characteristics: Soft pressure point
  • Inscription technology: Laser
  • Inscription layout: Standard
  • Number of Keys: Product dependant, see table "Models"

Smart card reader:

  • Hardware interface: USB
  • Agency Approvals: EMV 2000 Level 1,
  • Chip-card protocols : T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10,
  • Contact: mechanical swipe reader,
  • Software interface: CT-Api, PC/SC, CCID,
  • Mating cycles: approx. 100,000 operations
  • Compatible chip card types:
    • Reads and writes on all ISO 7816 cards
  • Transmission speed reader <==> card: 412,903 Bit/s
  • Transmission speed reader <==> system: max. 12 MBit/s
  • Chip card pulse frequency: 4.8 MHz

Packaging Unit:

  • Number of products in the master package: 53
  • Number of master packages per pallet: 2


Interface: USB

(possible country/layout versions, others available on request)
Order number: Layout (country or language) Housing colour: Key colour: Number of Keys:
G83-6644LUABE-0 Belgium light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUABE-2 Belgium black black 105
G83-6644LUACD-2 Canada black black 105
G83-6644LUACH-0 Switzerland light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUACH-2 Switzerland black black 105
G83-6644LUADE-0 Germany light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUADE-2 Germany black black 105
G83-6644LUAES-0 Spain light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUAES-2 Spain black black 105
G83-6644LUAEU-0 US English with EURO symbol light grey light grey 104
G83-6644LUAEU-2 US English with EURO symbol black black 104
G83-6644LUAFR-0 France light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUAFR-2 France black black 105
G83-6644LUAGB-0 UK light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUAGB-2 UK black black 105
G83-6644LUAGR-2 Greece black black 104
G83-6644LUAIT-0 Italy light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUAIT-2 Italy black black 105
G83-6644LUARB-2 English (US) / Cyrillic black black 104
G83-6644LUASF-0 Sweden / Finland light grey light grey 105
G83-6644LUASF-2 Sweden / Finland black black 105

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