SSO (Single Sign On)


CHERRY TC 1300 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contact and contactless chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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CHERRY TC 1200 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contactless chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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CHERRY TC 1100 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contact chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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Lasting reliability. Timeless elegance. Intelligent concept. CHERRY KC 1000 SC combines the benefits of a classic CHERRY office keyboard with the security-related requirements of a security keyboard.

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FingerTIP ID Board G83-14550

... your fingerprint says more than a thousand (pass)words. The capacitative fingerprint sensor TCS2 from Digital Persona with Capacitive-Sensing Technology grants password-free log-on and identification via fingerprint.

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FingerTIP ID Board G83-14450

... your fingerprint says more than a thousand (pass)words. The capacitative fingerprint sensor TCS2 from Digital Persona with Capacitive-Sensing Technology grants password-free log-on and identification. The integrated PC/SC chip card reader gives the USB keyboard a high usability, for example to secure personal data.

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SmartBoard G83-6644

As a SmartBoard with smartcard reader, it is the ideal input device for all applications requiring high levels of security. Equipped with a class-2 reader, the G83-6644 is ideal for authentication, PKI and single sign-on.

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SmartTerminal ST-2000U

Everything a smartcard reader needs. The reliable PIN entry through the class 2 reader and the EMV certification make this ergonomic input device a product you can count on. This multi-talented device also impresses with its pleasant pressure point and feel. A must-have on every desk for applications requiring state-of-the-art security. Major benefit: the ST-2000U fulfils the requirements of the law governing electronic signatures (SigG) and the regulation on electronic signatures (SigV), giving electronic signatures a new standard of security.

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SmartTerminal ST-1044U

It can cope with anything. A stable device which can be operated with one hand for reading and writing on chip cards. Whether for access monitoring, network logon or chip card-based internet transactions - the smartcard reader with USB connection is the perfect solution.

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FingerTIP ID Board G83-14500

... your fingerprint says more than a thousand (pass)words. The capacitative fingerprint sensor from Digital Persona with Capacitive-Sensing Technology grants password-free log-on and identification via fingerprint. The TCS1 sensor from Digital Persona is the biggest capacitive sensor on the market and fits high security standards in public administration and government institutes.

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SmartReader SR-4044

Mobile but safe? No problem with the SmartReader SR-4044. The light-weight device deals easily with all issues surrounding mobile security such as access control, data encryption, network security (Wireless LAN), as well as financial and administration transactions (e-banking, e-government).

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SmartBoard G83-6744

The CHERRY SmartBoard G83-6744 is the smart, wired security keyboard with an integrated chip card terminal and extensive security technologies.

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FingerTIP ID Board G83-14400

Your fingerprint says more than a thousand (pass) words! The capacitive fingerprint sensor from Digital Persona withactive capacitive sensing technology grants access toyour computer by recognising your fingerprint. The TCS1 sensor from Digital Persona is the largestcapacitive sensor on the market and meets the highsecurity requirements in government institutions andpublic administration. An integratedPC/SC smartcard reader gives the USB keyboard even more usability, for example for protecting personal data in public authorities.

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SmartReader SR-5044

ExpressCards offer even more speed and performance than the PC card. With its diverse range of application possibilities, the ExpressCard smartcard reader adds a new level of performance to your notebook or PC. From mobile security through to multimedia applications.

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FingerTIP ID Mouse M-4230

Digital Persona´s fingerprint sensor protects from unauthorized access with the patented, three-dimensional "active capacitance sensing technology". In addition to biometry, the mouse also offers an ergonomic design: gripping recesses on the sides provide a pleasant feel and make it easier to guide the mouse.

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Atos SE

Atos SE (Societas europaea) is an international IT services company with annual 2012 revenue of 8.8 billion euros with 77,000 employees in 47 countries.  The company's global client base receives the benefits of a comprehensive portfolio which spans three areas of expertise: consulting and technology services, system integration and managed services and BPO and transaction-based, high-tech services via Wordline. With its extensive technological expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, the company supports customers in the following fields: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public Administration, Health and Transport, Banking and Insurance; Telecoms, Media and Utilities.
The company's primary focus is on business technology. This approach is a combination of corporate strategy, information technology and processes. Clients are given the necessary support to allow them to achieve sustainable business growth along with future-oriented business development. Atos is the global IT partner of the Olympic Games and is listed on the Paris stock exchange as part of NYSE Euronext. It trades under the names Atos, Atos Consulting & Technology Services, Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.

bplan solutions GmbH & Co.KG

The bplan solutions GmbH & Co. KG deals mainly with the topics of software development, consulting and service.
In addition to the traditional product development the focus is on individual development and product refinement.
Consulting mainly concerns the sectors database, web, password management, strong authentication and identity management.
Service includes the sectors of maintenance, support and operation of bplan’s own products as well as for all products in their portfolio and advised by the consulting services.


As a biometrics specialist, Bromba provides consulting services as well as software and hardware components for industrial, trading, and public customers. Based on patented algorithms, Bromba develops and offers fingerprint technology with outstanding performance, especially suited to the challenges of low-cost fingerprint sensors. There is a close cooperation with Cherry in the area of development and software support for biometric devices.


IDpendant is an expert for IT security solutions, USB tokens, and chip cards. Headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich, the company is independent of all manufacturers and offers a wide range of services, including authentication technology, IT security products, Card Management Systems, and solutions for Identity & Access Management (IAM). IDpendant works closely with its clients to adapt its security solutions to the clients' needs: customized project planning, project implementation, and support are available. IDpendant is a one-stop source, employing the most effective technology for any given needs and offering excellent value for money. The company cooperates closely with the world's very best suppliers. Standard interfaces ensure seamless integration into exiting systems. IDpendant is part of the Swiss Trüb Group – a multinational expert for debit, credit, identity, and loyalty cards.

iSM Secu-SyS AG

The iSM Secu-SyS AG has over twelve years' experience as a successful solution developer and provider for large and medium-sized companies in the Identity & Provisioning Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) sector. Our extensive experience working on challenging projects, the competent expertise our employees specialise in, and our unwavering customer focus have converged to produce our bi-Cube® product range. Our bi-Cube® solutions feature a standardised design and extensive range of functions, enabling a simple and flexible integration into existing customer system environments. In addition to the standard SSO functions, the Single Sign-On Software bi-Cube® SSO also enables authentication and identification via fingerprint or memory/SFID cards - even in a terminal server environment. The biometric components can be employed for the system log on (in combination with GINA), as well as for protecting individual (e.g. security-related) applications. The extensive experience gained during customer projects makes us a competent partner for intelligent solutions.


realtime AG, an established and customer-oriented SAP consultation and software company with branches in Langenfeld, Dresden, Hamburg, Constance and the United States has been on the road to success since 1986. As a special expertise partner to SAP, realtime advises brand-name companies operating in the consumer goods industry, pharmaceutical and chemical trades, and automotive sectors. As a service provider, they also support their customers in structuring and optimising company and business processes.
realtime provides GRC/SOX-compatible authorisation and security solutions for managing critical processes in SAP. Using the tried-and-tested role administration and analysis tool apm atlantis, companies can implement their SAP authorisation concept conveniently and cost-effectively. To protect the SAP system from unauthorised access, the biometric security solution bioLock secures access and functions by fingerprint. bioLock documents each and every access, and ensures that functions are only performed by a person who is registered in the SAP system and authorised to carry it out.

What do we understand under SSO (Single Sign On)?

A one-off registration with password enables the user to access all systems and services they are authorized for. There is therefore no need to remember several passwords. You receive additional security for your systems, as the password only has to be transmitted once each time.


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