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CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES: tried and tested wireless desktop set for special use scenarios


Multi-user capability enables reliable operation even in large offices – no installation thanks to Plug&Play and no maintenance thanks to charging via USB cable

Auerbach, 27th March 2013 – When it comes to high level user convenience and reliability every day, the CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES (JD-0400) wireless desktop set scores points.  Banks, insurance companies, judicial authorities, legal firms, doctor's practices, tax offices, development departments in companies and research institutions all rely on the CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES. The wireless desktop set is designed to be used by multiple users and ensures reliable operation even in open-plan offices with several work stations in a small space. Thanks to Plug&Play, the mouse and keyboard can be used straight away – without any additional installation. No need for any maintenance work either, thanks to high-quality NiMH batteries and charging via USB cable. 
CHERRY's longstanding reference customer, Festo, is now also upgrading 1,500 work stations with CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES desktop sets.

The classic 2-desktop set includes an ergonomic keyboard with extra quiet keystroke for less noise in open-plan offices, as well as a symmetrically-shaped 3 key mouse with precise infra-red sensor. The adjustable resolution (1000/2000 dpi) makes work easier depending on the application. Their attractive design make both components stand out in a stylish office environment.

Administration and productivity benefits due to integrated power supply
Both desktop components are immediately ready for use, thanks to Plug&Play via the discreet mini USB receiver and pre-charged batteries. High-quality NiMH batteries with minimum self-discharge are continually saving power. When reserves are low, both mouse and keyboard can be charged by USB cable even while in use. Users can then carry on working unhampered, which results in significant advantages in practice. Changing the battery is no longer necessary which saves considerable time and money in fleet operation. Moreover, continuous reliable operation is ensured and worker productivity is unaffected. Due to uninterrupted 2.4 GHz wireless technology and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the wireless desktop set has multi-use capability, so that many users in a room can work wirelessly at the same time without interfering with each other.

Festo puts their trust in CHERRY technology
Festo specialises in automation technology and is a longstanding customer of CHERRY. They recently decided to upgrade 1,500 work stations with the CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES. CHERRY has worked with Festo since 2001 and primarily supplies the globally active company in Esslingen with radio-based peripheral products. Back then, the first delivery was the CyBo@rd, which came in the corporate colours of Festo. “The many years of excellent cooperation with CHERRY and our confidence in the different generations of wireless products is reflected in our recent decision for the latest product generation in the form of B.Unlimited AES”, explains Mr Matthias Schmidt, IT Manager at Festo AG & Co. KG.

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Michael Schmid
D-91275 Auerbach
Tel.: 0 96 43 /  2061 666

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CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES: tried and tested wireless desktop set for special use scenarios

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